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Steak House

Special Steak House brand was founded in 2004, once with the opening of the first Steak House restaurant at that time, the first of this type of Romania.

Eat healthy, live healthy! This is our motto that we try to fulfill in every day activity and we strongly believe that we succeed in doing so. Special Steak House is casuel dinning type of restaurant suitable for any type of event, any time of the day.

We use the best raw materials and ingredients to prepare our dishes: meat from Brazil, Argentina, Netherlands, New Zealand, France and Italy, as well as best quality domestic products. Every steak cooked in our kitchens is marinated based on own recipe and seasoned with handmade flavors. We offered a diversified menu for all tastes. Besides the aforementioned steaks, we can prepare various diet menus, fat free, fresh vegetables salads, savory woks, homemade delicious desserts cooked by own recipes. The kitchen is half-open, which allows you to see the products which are cooked right in front of you!

We respect all customers and want to prove them this when they enter our restaurant.

We are looking forward to you launching the challenge: be our customers! Our menus and services will make you come back!

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