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Wu Xing

Wu Xing is a special culinary experience, a spoil that you can offer yourself every day.

The first Chinese restaurant of Romania with service of delivery at home or at the office, Wu Xing was established in 1999 and it is the most famous Chinese food brand of Bucharest. Less than a year after its launching, when the Bucharest market became crowded, Wu Xing took the lead, due to the quality of Chinese dishes, to the services and last, but not least, to the large number of home/office orders. With 16 year experience in culinary delights, Wu Xing was voted in 2013 as the number 1 option of Bucharest people in Chinese food (Daedalus study).

We deliver delicious moments every day and we do it with pleasure. In order for you to enjoy a special experience anytime!

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Wu Xing is celebrating its 20th anniversary!

Wu Xing, the first Chinese restaurant in Bucharest with a home delivery service, is celebrating its 20th anniversary.  Because everything is better when shared, Wu Xing invites you to celebrate this festive occasion together. How? By introducing four anniversary menus at the price of 20 lei, specially wrapped and prepared for the occasion. Whichever your favourite Chinese dish might be, you can certainly find something to your liking on offer. You can either go for chicken or beef with a side of rice, or for chicken noodles with a side of noodle soup. Either way, expect a delicious mix of flavours which you can feast on with friends and family in the Wu Xing restaurant, situated on the first floor of the Food Court area (next to Cinema City).

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