Passion for clothes that will get you out of anonymity

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La Femme

La Femme concept emerged from the passion for clothes that get you out of anonymity and express your personality.

The French name of the brand was especially chosen to make us thinking about the country (France) which set and still sets the global fashion, La Femme concept trying to do the same locally. La Femme promotes a smart casual style with two complementary directions: classic business and trendy. The collections distinguish by chic-trendy style, high quality of the materials and models uniqueness. The accessories available in the stores complete and accentuate any outfit. The core of the business is in Bucharest. The company grows by offering, in addition to limited series quality products, related professional services. La Femme stores are focused on the new modern commercial areas that are to be opened. The 8th store is inaugurated in October 2009 in AFI Cotroceni shopping center in a new concept, on an area of 120 sqm, with a new chic & trendy image of La Femme stores of Bucharest.

La Femme is a trademark registered with the State Office of Inventions and Trademarks (OSIM) under no. 101359 of September 3rd, 2008.

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A jumpsuit for summer

In the summer, we want to enjoy life more, to live more. We want to be beautiful and free.

In the summer, we have more courage. We want and we can anything. This summer is a must to wear a jumpsuit. Oh, yes! The jumpsuit is a piece of clothing with a lot of styles and a lot of class because we look thinner in a jumpsuit.

”The jumpsuit is cozy but elegant. It can be an excellent option for parties, weddings, summer events”, believe La Femme Romania stylists. It is extremely important to know how to choose a jumpsuit according to your body form.

”The jumpsuit helps you to feel light. To be wow. You can choose an elegant jumpsuit for an hourglass silhouette or a fluid jumpsuit for an androgin body. It is only one exception for the ladies who are not so tall.”, say La Femme Romania stylists.

What kind of materials is ideal for jumpsuit?

Cotton, jersey, polyester, silk, denim. Each type of material looks and feel different. If you dream to a light jumpsuit, ready for the holiday, you can count on short pants. The material? Cotton, flax, rayon.

For evening, we change the tone and we put in the spotlight a clutch and high heels. And we get precious with silk, jersey or veil. For an extra elegant effect.

We invite you to La Femme Romania shop from AFI Cotroceni to discover the ideal jumpsuit for you.



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