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“Jouer et Gagner ne suffit pas.
Encore faut-il ma?triser stil fiu. ”
Without style, playing and winning are not enough.
Renee Lacoste

As of December 2014, Lacoste has been introducing a new store concept, as part of a brand global repositioning strategy. “Life is a beautiful sport” is the motto of this new concept which comes with a premium positioning and introduces a new brand commercial strategy.

Once with the use of different materials, such as white marble, oak wood and the combination of warm, faded down colors for design components, the products that include pret-a-porter collections for men, women and kids, as well as the leather items, accessories, watches and perfumes have a new meaning.

By showing a real respect for the history of the French House, the new store concept immerses the customer into the Lacoste experience.

Undoubtedly, polo shirt L.1212 and the Crocodile are in the center of this new concept as an icon, and the T-shirt can be found in a variety of colors in “Polo Lounge”.

The references to tennis and golf by using old photos and antique tennis rackets used as decorations to participate in telling the story of a beautiful brand.

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