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LC Waikiki

Our mission,

We believe that Everyone deserves to dress well, this is why our mission is to ensure people good mood by offering them clothing in accordance with their style and budget.
We want LC Waikiki products to be suitable for the style and budget of every customer, not to damage human health and the environment where they are manufactured and to offer products in line with customers’ expectations and needs.

Company’s general presentation

Established in France in 1985 where it enjoyed a great reputation, especially in kids and teenagers items, LC Waikiki brand was bought by the current Turkish company, LC Waikiki Magazac?l?k Hizmetleri Ticaret A.S in 1997. Following the domestic success, LC Waikiki initiated the first investments outside Turkey in 2009, when it opened its first store of Europe, in Romania, in AFi Cotroceni shopping center.

Our vision,
Our vision is to become one of the 3 most successful clothing retailers of Europe until 2023.

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