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Ice Rink

Cotroceni on ice skating rink was built in 2009 by German group Ice Business, which has experience in building mobile and permanent skating rinks in different parts of the world. It has an area of 800 sqm and it is open daily, regardless of the season, being the perfect place to combine fun with physical activity. The energetic atmosphere, the exceptional ice quality, the safety on the skating rink, special promotions for young people, children and families, as well as the special events organized throughout the year make Cotroceni on Ice the perfect leisure area.

The options of Cotroceni on ice are unlimited in terms of ice sports: we offer skating courses for children, hockey or curling training, the possibility to rent the ice rink for special events, birthdays, campaigns, competitions, ice concerts, etc.

Cotroceni on Ice is the safest skating rink for children: parents can go shopping while their children are skating, because the specially trained personnel shall always be on the skating rink with the children in order to prevent any incident. Furthermore, the employees of the skating rink are always available to answer your questions.

The fun on ice has now another name: Cotroceni on ice!

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