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Nedelya is a chain of confectioneries with a history of more than 20 years. The company was established by Radoslava and Gheorghi Mincevi on April 1st, 1993. Currently, it is the leader of handmade cakes, with more than 30 locations in Eastern Europe.

NEDELYA cakes are made of high quality products, are free of preservatives and are not frozen. Any order is performed manually by our skilled masters, with style and attention to every detail.

We use only high quality products: cream from cow’s milk, fresh butter from cow’s milk and fresh eggs as used by the old Viennese confectioners. We have been working with the same suppliers for years and we change them very rarely. We buy more expensive raw materials and we make no compromises when it comes to quality.
All cakes are made manually. We bake and cut the batters in the morning. We anoint them with sour cream and cream. We decorate every cake by using our hands. The handmade is the magic of confectionery.
Our cakes were not frozen at any stage of production and storage. This is the main reason of the fresh incredible taste. This is why, the shelf life of our cakes is 4 days.

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