The world’s largest company in the field of supplements

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GNC is the world’s largest company in the field of supplements, devoted exclusively in helping improving all its customers’ quality of life.

Originating from the USA, GNC is nowadays, 80 years after the launching, the world leader in nutritional supplements. It is present in 60 countries, with 8800 stores.

The first store of Romania was opened in 2011, in Bucharest.

Our range is extremely varied, with over 500 products present in own stores.

GNC establishes the standards in the nutritional supplements industry by observing the correctness in the composition of every product, of the quantities declared on the labels and of the quality of all ingredients used, both in terms of purity and safety in use and efficiency, all these being correlated with the latest research in the field of nutritional supplements.

The commitment for a better life was fulfilled the same as our company developed over the years.

From the scientific studies and the discovery of new products to the procedures of manufacturing and packaging of supplements, for GNC is an honor to take a rigorous approach to ensure the quality of our products.

Our commitment to quality is supplemented by the interaction with our customers, both in specialized stores and after the purchase of the supplements promoted by GNC.

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