A story carried on your finger

Bijuteria Stil

Present for 30 years on the market profile, Bijuteria Stil is stubborn to constantly reinvent itself, but maintaining the principles that define the brand – respect for the customer, passion for beauty, tradition and values.
Combining the modern technical dimension and traditional methods of craftsmanship, we produce unique jewels, made of metals and precious stones, refining with passion every detail, controlling the quality of the process, from creation to the final piece, so that they seduce aesthetically irreparably.
We build jewellery with personality, for all the essential moments in the life of each of us. In our workshop you can set up the engagement ring she’s been waiting for since she’s been known or any jewel that celebrates your shapes, memories, people, moments and messages of your soul.
We have everything we need and something extra to make each of our jewels more than accessories – small, timeless heritage pieces that can be worn and bear stories over generations. The stories of those who choose to wear them and the stories of the hands that have accomplished them.


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