Clothing line meant to satisfy the desire of any woman to express herself

Depot 96

Depot 96 is a clothing line especially designed to meet the need of expression, in terms of outfit, of women with personality, who appreciate uniqueness, comfort and unique style.

Dress your style and personality! Depot 96 clothes offer you the elegance that you need, based on the femininity and naturalness of each of us.

Original models, always in trends, Depot 96 brand distinguished over the time by the top quality cloths and accessories, by the cuts that favor every silhouette, original colors and models, always in trends.

This year, Depot 96 created several pieces de resistance: dresses, blouses, shirts, pants, jackets. In this way, any woman can feel like a real diva.

Be always beautiful, impeccable, turn heads in a natural way and always keep up with fashion.

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