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D&P Perfumum

D&P Perfumum concept is remarkable precisely by means of the simplicity of the idea the brand started from since its foundation, in Ankara, in 1999 and which addressed to women by telling them: whatever your favorite perfume is, be sure that you will find it in our offer. Over time, the promise made has been fully fulfilled: large range of best quality perfumes at affordable prices.

This is all the more remarkable as, let’s not forget, the perfume essences come directly from France and the quality standards are always according to IFRA (International Fragrance Association) and IBO (International Beauty Office, Paris, France) requirements. The basic fragrances come from well-known essences and are predominantly floral, with oriental, sensual, citric, woody, marine, energizing or amber influences. Various, inviting and persistent assortments can compete with well-known but much more expensive flavors.

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