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With a history which started in 1989 in Prague, Kenvelo is the fashion brand with the fastest expansion of Eastern Europe. Don’t you feel like the brand has always been on the Romanian market?

If at the beginning Kenvelo had available a denim line, the brand gradually began to develop sportswear collections which include t-shirts, blouses, sweaters and accessories.

In order to keep up with the dynamics of the young generation and of the fashion, the brand strategy is also constantly changing, a fact which is reflected in the new models that appear on Kenvelo shelves almost every day.

Kenvelo launches collections twice a year, each of them having 4 entries which capture the best trends of the season, respectively – Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter.

Kenvelo designers design more than 1000 models per season so that, new pieces dedicated to an Urban Free Style can be found in stores every two weeks.

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KVL by KENVELO: fall-winter 2018-2019

80 days until Christmas. It is a perspective that brings us some cold air down the spine, no?
If the impression is that we have to say “goodbye” to the summer fun and laziness of clothes, the KVL by KENVELO challenge is not to do it.

Urban Free Style – we promise light fabrics, functional items that will leave you the freedom, versatile styles for all kinds of fun, from early evenings to late nights.

If sport style makes you happy, don’t change it! We have lightweight fabric trousers that allow unlimited freedom, jerseys with different prints or plain, sportish large vests for him or, on the contrary, lightly tailored vests for her for a stylish twist.

Because the beauty lies in details, the fall winter 18/19 KVL by KENVELO jackets’ collection will surprise you with special features: bold stitches with double role – the one to give a more figure-fit cut and a fashion twist, spectacular metallic pocket studs and zippers.

Knitwear collection is the one that carries the cold of this season. We have prepared a variety of textures – from light to thicker – and a multitude of colours. All so that you don’t have to put a lot of stylistic effort in the mornings when you are in hurry: the new sweater, the favorite jeans, a waistcoat / jacket and a fluffy scarf thrown lightly to the neck.
If you however wear fashion in your blood, try layering – the overlays are in trend this season as well. Add to the above a thin shirt underneath, a denim shirt on top and the game can go on.

The colour range is expanded to allow diversity in your wardrobe but, especially, for stylistic freedom. A jacket in strong colours can be mixed with a pair of indigo skinny jeans, and one in nude colours – light pink, for example – works perfectly with a pair of gray sport trousers.

Denim occupies, as always, a special place in our stores and collections. The best quality KVL denim by KENVELO, in classic shades – from light blue to indigo, new details on pockets – slanted cuts being a novelty item for a plus of style.

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