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Kiehl’s Since 1851, the venerable New Yorker supplier of high quality products for skin and hair care, was established as a classic European pharmacy. The family who founded Kiehl’s opened a neighborhood pharmacy in order to meet the individual needs of every customer. By taking over the business from Mr. John Kiehl, Morse family served the community of East Village, treated the customers as their own neighbors and welcomed all visitors who came to Kiehl’s as if they were home. By means of this attitude, the Kiehl’s founding pharmacists and chemists created a tradition of customized services which became legendary. Almost 160 years later, the magic of Kiehl’s experience goes around the whole world as the company continues to spoil its customers with high quality products that guarantee the health of their skin and hair. The family’s message is still alive: We are glad to serve you.

Kiehl’s products are based on efficient formulas for skin and hair care, by using the most advanced technologies and incorporating high concentration of natural ingredients.

Our products have clinically tested formulas suitable even for sensitive skin.

Furthermore, we welcome consumers as the members of a large family and we provide to them customized consultations and free samples at every visit.

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