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Meli Melo

Meli Melo – Paris opened the first store in 1998, in Bucharest, currently owning a total of 58 stores, including 1 exclusive store, 1 outlet store, 2 department stores, 2 stores in Chisinau (Republic of Moldova), 2 stores in Sofia (Bulgaria), 2 stores in Belgrade (Serbia) and 6 stores exclusively dedicated to home decorations, Meli Melo deco.

The product categories found in Meli Melo – Paris stores are addressed to both young ladies and women with an independent fashion style in the source for special accessories and fashion trends.

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Femme Actuelle

” Meli Melo FW’18 “Femme Actuelle” collection is about and for you. About your mom, girlfriend, sister, daughter or your women colleagues from the office. About actuelle, creative, multifunctional, energetic women who can lead a successful business and are very sensible when they receive a flower.

Femme Actuelle is a refined and delicate collection, but at the same time practical, created like a seasonal story, which includes the gentle beauty of autumn colors and the cool glow of November’s days mirrored in taffeta and satin printed or tartan pieces, to which joining the softness of the knitted jackets of mohair in shades of beige, dusty pink and pale burgundy, accentuated by overlaid necklaces, oversized earrings and thin silver bracelets and brass.

Pastels, shades of pink roses and burgundy, associated with gray tones, felt, wool or cashmere, brightly colored translucent stones, autumn velvet, long golden chains sliding on printed satin and floral silks dotted with passionate red accents and fur, announces an incursion into a realm of femininity, the rediscovering of delicate dreams and latent passions.

The pieces from “Femme Actuelle” collection can be found in the Meli Melo – Paris store starting 15 of August 2018 and online at”

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