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Real friends share secrets, dreams, ambitions.

Eric, a perfectionist economist and Alexandre, a marketing and design passionate, two Frenchmen who left home and discovered that what they wanted most was that women remembered them… and, the best way to make a woman think about you is by offering her joy, happiness and self-confidence. This is how Melkior was born. Melkior is a range of professional beauty products, intended for all women who want to feel beautiful. Melkior invite women to be charming, to feel comfortable in their own skin, to seduce … to be unique. With an experience of 15 years in beauty industry, Alexandre and Eric wanted to create something special for all women: high quality products made from the best ingredients.

Their belief is that all women must have access to luxury and trendy products. Melkior is directly involved in all manufacturing stages, from manufacturing to the sale to the customer. There are hundreds of people involved in this process, who share emotions, feelings and work in order to get an unique, unrivaled offer. Every product is given a special attention, as if it were created for the dearest person. Furthermore, Melkior cooperates directly with beauty experts, paying close attention to their requirements. Nowadays, Melkior products are used by important nail stylists and make-up artists. Candia Trugly, make-up artist of New Zealand, thinks that Melkior eye pencil is the best in the world. Dorina Codres, international nails stylist thinks that Melkior nail polish is unrivalled. We think that Melkior is the brand that gives birth to passions and emotions. Wear Melkior and you shall be irresistible!

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