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Noriel Toys

Since we were born as a company, in 1995, we’ve been growing continuously. Just like a child, our growth was sometimes very serious business, sometimes it was more like play. But we never lost our creative and innovative spirit, which got us to be the biggest toys specialist retailer in the Romanian market, a trustful friend for business partners and parents, offering quality toys both from our own brands and from the biggest international producers. In addition to this, we recently expanded our world with children’s fashion items and baby care products. We believe it is exactly this disruptive spirit and focus on meaningful growth that made Noriel THE PLACE to go to when looking for the best of the best toys and games. Noriel’s magical land is made of 80 own-operating stores, spreading creative playfulness in 44 cities in Romania, and an online shop – our virtual castle. A series of partnerships with other retailers help us get the magic even further! And we plan to continue building, with even more courage.

We believe there is no such thing as dreaming too big and our main plan for the future is to inspire children to think the same.

Let’s get playing, let’s get growing!


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