The history of the SOKOLOV brand begins in 1993 when husbands Elena and Alexei Sokolov founded the first small jewelry production workshop.

Since then, every year production has gradually expanded, and by 2015 SOKOLOV has become a leader in the production of gold and silver jewelry in Eastern Europe.

Sokolov company produces gold and silver jewelry with precious and semiprecious stones. Precious metals (Gold and Silver) are procured exclusively from specialized banks, which guarantees its true origin. Diamonds are purchased from De Beers and Alrosa, which are the largest mining and diamond extraction companies in the world! Other precious and semiprecious stones are purchased mostly from Birma, India and Thailand, countries known for the superior quality of these types of stones.

The Sokolov brand is a global brand present on 3 continents, in over 20 countries (Estonia, Belarus, United Kingdom, Lithuania, Latvia, Ireland, Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Moldova, Israel), and from 2019 it is also present on the Romanian market.

The Sokolov brand is a family brand whose history dates back to 1993 by the opening of a small jewelry workshop by husbands Elena and Alexei Sokolov. Alexei Sokolov was the author of the first jewels of the brand that bears his name. The advantage of a family brand is that when you give it your name – it becomes like a child of yours, you take great care of quality and give special attention to any detail. Examples of family brands are Swarovski, Chanel, Chopard, Tiffany, Dior, Dolce Gabbana.

Sokolov company has its own office of designers in which 30 designers activate, which creates about 500 new models of jewelry monthly. Sokolov company has its own office of Trend Analytics, which studies trends in both the jewelry and fashion industries, thus the most in vogue jewelry are created. Last but not least, Sokolov company owns the largest jewelry factory in Eastern Europe where about 4000 specialists operate!  Thus, from the idea to the jewel itself – all steps are taken within the company, which ensures the unparalleled quality of jewelry brand SOKOLOV!

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