We are waiting for you at AFI Cotroceni, on June 1st, between 11.00 – 19.00 for a day full of fun, surprises and creative activities, which will captivate the little ones and will make the big ones playful.
Joy and fun are engaging, full of colour and taste:
• Meetings with beloved characters, as well as artists on stilts, to amaze and delight the little ones.
• Educational workshops for juniors to discover and cultivate their talent altogether with their friends. The topics are varied: painting, doll making, modelling, photography, etc.
• Activities for the curious little ones: science can be fun, especially when dealing with clouds of foam, rebel water, and some slightly different balloons!
• Crispy and sweet surprises. We are waiting for you to taste and convince yourself.
• Shows for children.
We invite you to choose your favorite activities and to relive with the little ones the joy of being a child!

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