Get ready for #EXTRASHOPPING in the biggest shopping mall in Romania!

In January and February, we invite you to turn shopping for discounts into a next level experience! Have you been waiting for a long time for THAT outfit you desire to go on sale? Or maybe you want to start the new year with a new wardrobe and new promotions inspire you? Whatever the case may be, in the biggest mall in Romania, you can enjoy more of the biggest deals. You just have to learn how to be a Smart Shopper and save when you go #EXTRASHOPPING!

We have prepared for you a Shopping Horoscope so you can find out if the stars favor you, so we can inspire you to save more and win more in your everyday life. We reward you the way you deserve because you are discount shopping and we have a lot of suprises prepared to make you fall in love even more with our AFI Cotroceni discounts!

Visit us and do some #EXTRASHOPPING in the biggest mall in Romania until February 28th and you will discover the best deals and see what surprises we have in store for you which will take your discount shopping to the next level!

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