Between May 20th and June 6th, AFI Cotroceni, the largest mall in Romania, will host the exhibition “Recycling is a choice! You choose what you want it to be!” organized by the Environ Association.

The campaign aims to send an alarm about the importance of how we choose to manage electrical waste, showing that there are always two options and each of them has a totally different impact on the environment.

Those who visit the tunnel are thus faced with the consequences of the choices they make: when they accidentally dump electrical waste and pollute the environment, water, air and soil or when, on the contrary, they choose to recycle and thus contribute to the saving of natural resources by recovering secondary raw materials that can be reused in the manufacture of other products.


Also in the exhibition was arranged a collection point for mobile phones or old tablets. In order to encourage responsible abandonment of mobile phones, the Environ Association organizes a contest so that visitors who hand over these devices during the campaign, can win by drawing a smartphone of the latest generation. Details and regulation are available on the

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