Embark on an expedition in the world of knowledge at AFI HUB PROEDUS, the largest educational hub in Bucharest!

Whether you are a parent, teacher or high school student, now you have a playground in AFI Cotroceni dedicated to active learning. We invite you to visit the interactive exhibitions in scientific revolutions, participate in workshops, training, debates and general culture contests, and attend multimedia activities in a radio and television studio. Moreover, we have surprises prepared for children, from exhibitions about the human body to experimental sessions in the specially arranged chemistry laboratory. Here are the areas of AFI HUB PROEDUS and the activities that will take place in them:

Chemistry lab

Here children stimulate their creativity and discover the fascinating world of science through chemical experiments, adapted to their age.

Multimedia Zone

This area hosts a television studio, a radio station and a photography studio, which are guaranteed to fascinate content creators and audio-visual arts enthusiasts.

Exhibition area and interactive workshops

This area is dedicated to those who want to visit thematic exhibitions such as scientific revolutions, the human body, history, and geography. Visitors will interact with the exhibits both through models and in an interactive way, through touch screens or virtual reality elements (3D glasses, 9D Eggs).

Film area

This space is dedicated to watching movies and presentation videos.

Training and conference area

Thematic training for parents, children and teachers will take place in this area.

An area dedicated to sports activities

This space is intended for projects on nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.

E-learning platform

In this area, children will have ten fully equipped computers at their disposal. They will be able to access a wide range of activities: over 600 video and audio lessons, 3,000 worksheets, courses, shows, career guidance, quizzes, digital library.

If you want to find out more about the program and registration for the hub’s activities, go to

Explore! Experiment! Play at AFI HUB PROEDUS!