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Pure Health & Fitness

Pure Jatomi is the largest chain of fitness clubs in Eastern Europe with clubs in Romania, which intends to open more this year. Other 50 Jatomi clubs are opened abroad: Czech Republic, Poland, Turkey, Indonesia, Malaysia.

We are focused on implementing the latest fitness trends and services, this is why, in our clubs, you can find state-of-the-art equipment, functional training, different types of classes, such as Jukary or Bokwa dance.
You can find the most experienced and professional trainers at La Pure Jatomi, who are, at the same time, experts in nutrition and healthy lifestyle. They know how to make you love the workouts and to see the results.
Being the Eastern Europe fitness leader, we have the responsibility to make you aware of the importance of physical activities in all spheres of human life.

You are not used to physical activity, you do not have time, you do not see the results, you are anxious, you do not like workouts, it is difficult to force yourself and to make an effort…
Yes, all these are true. We are here to help you to find and support you motivation, to educate you in order to set and reach your personal goals, to show you how to find pleasure in physical activity, and, at same point in time, you will feel the difference: athletic constitution, good shape, more power and energy, resistance to stress and last but not least a better mood.

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