MAXFUN, the entertainment center dedicated to people of all ages!


MAXFUN, the entertainment center dedicated to people of all ages!

We all know how hard it is to find a place to relax and enjoy meetings with colleagues, friends or family.
That’s why you do not have to look too far because we are offering you the solution! Maxfun is here, offering its customers luxurious locations in the biggest shopping centers of the country and of Bucharest!

MAXFUN is an integrated entertainment space for an extended target, from young people to adults and families. With an ultra-modern design, it offers a series of games for recreational activities such as bowling and billiard or video games, from the most classic to the newest simulators, for people of all ages.
The spaces are designed to host parties and events, such as teambuilding, corporate and private parties, anniversaries, etc, a DJ being always available to ensure appropriate music.
Furthermore, every location has a bar where the customers can order from a select menu of drinks.

The location of AFI Ploiesti owns 7 bowling lanes, 11 billiard tables and a series of entertaining devices.

You are always welcomed in MaxFun locations to relax or to spend time with your loved ones.
We prepare promotions or events for all preferences every month!

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