Fresh fruits and the story behind their benefits

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Essence Fruit Bar

In the era of global consumerism, our mind is bombarded by new brands in public food and food sectors. Mass media suggests strange, exotic foods or recipes created in the laboratories of important multinational companies. And the media is often the one revealing their flaws: they have many preservatives, they make you gain weight, and, of course, they are incompatible with a healthy lifestyle.
In other words, they introduce us appetizing foods and, at the same time, they suggest that we should not eat them!
They tell us what is bad for us but they do not help us to understand what is good for us!
Our project is born precisely out of this necessity: we want to offer you a snack that is easy to eat, that makes you feel good and that is suitable for any time of the day.

At Essence Fruit Bar you can find not only fresh fruits, but you can also discover the story behind them and their beneficial properties. The word Essence embraces the meaning of our idea. In fact, by means of the fruits, we invite our customers to know their essence and origin, to consume them and to choose from a large variety.
In addition to a large range of fresh fruits, you will find here appetizing menus with customized recipes that will combine delicate tastes with beneficial properties for body and mind. All made on the spot, according to your preferences.

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