Maggie’s Ranch…taste of America

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Maggie’s Ranch

Opened on July 4, on USA Independence Day, Maggie’s Ranch … taste of America is an American-inspired a la carte restaurant that successfully surprises and recreates the American spirit, both because of the decorations that make you feel like you stepped onto a movie set where a Western film is made, but also because of the one hundred percent American flavor. The restaurant is located in the food court area, ground floor and stretches over 161 square meters on the inside and 60 sqm of the mall indoor terrace.

Most dishes at Maggie’s Ranch… the taste of America were created by Chef Paco Ruiz, from Chicago to ensure that the food is exactly as it should be, “like at home” in the USA.

The menu includes over 35 dishes (starters and main course) and about 20 sets of sides and salads as well as meals for children. Everything is prepared “in the house” and for all the dishes are used the homemade sauces, with the mark and the specificity of the area from which each dish comes from. Our stars are the burgers, caramelized ribs, onion rings and chili soup, but not less delicious are the steaks, tacos, onion soup or spicy wings.

Maggie’s Ranch … taste of America is affiliated with the AFI Card program and offers a 20% discount to all cardholders from Monday to Friday within 11:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.
Also, for takeaway, we can take the order over the phone and get the food ready at the time indicated by the customer.

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