If you are curious when and how the story of Rawyal Brunch&Cakes began, you should know that everything started in June 2015 as a nice business family. At first, we relied on the expertise of a vegan field consultant, and then, every member of the family became truly involved in this project. Every product is made with love. Hence the name of Rawyal; the dishes have a special taste, different from classic raw vegan recipes, be it sweets, appetizers, soups, salads, juices, delicious zucchini spaghetti, pizza or the irresistible raw hamburger.

Rawyal Brunch&Cakes was originally born out of a detailed documentation once with the emergence of a family health problem and subsequently, the perspective for a healthier, close to nature, but very tasty diet was created. This is why, our goal is to help you if you want to change your lifestyle. We offer you a healthy lunch at office or at home, we bring your favorite no sugar cake for your birthday and we cook the most delicious cookies for you loved ones. We invite you to be part of Rawyal universe, a place where every delight brings an oasis of health for your body along with a savory taste. We are waiting forward to you sharing with us the raw vegan experience in our store of Afi Cotroceni!

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