Fast services, attractive prices and short waiting times for customers

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Geta Voinea Factory

This is not just a hair and beauty salon. Geta Voinea Factory represents a new concept based on 3 foundation pillars: fast services, attractive prices and short waiting time for customers. It is for sure that high quality services specific to Geta Voinea places are part of this concept.

The color code of Geta Voinea Factory logo is correlated with the services provided in this place, as follows: Orange – Hair, Red – Nails, Blue – Beauty, Green – Products. The affordable pricing system allows you to purchase packages (Basic and Full) to which you can add (of your choice) individual services, and you have substantial benefits at affordable prices by means of Geta Voinea Member Card. Furthermore, Geta Voinea Factory offers you access to an uniform tan all year long by means of TanTastic tanning studio.

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