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The leader of the personalized gift market in Romania, with a variety of over 2,500 types of products with a unique design created in-house and over 60 categories of customizable products, StarGift revolutionizes the Romanian gift market by offering a unique digital experience combined with a unique space where you can explore the most beautiful personalized gifts that will be produced on the spot, for you.

StarGift personalized gifts are soul gifts that convey emotion and love, arouse smiles and gratitude for the loved ones in your life. From personalized kitchen items by engraving (chopping, twisting, spoons) or embroidery (personalized aprons with the name of your loved one), to items that keep alive the memories of loved ones (a variety of personalized products with pictures and surprising messages), to the famous mugs where pictures come to life, we have created a special space with thousands of ideas and options to identify the perfect gift for those close to you, regardless of the event.

StarGift is a special space where memories come to life, a unique space in Romania dedicated to people who appreciate unique, unique gifts and celebrate the art of giving to its true value. We are waiting for you in StarGift stores to give, together, memories and emotion to your loved ones.

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